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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Few thoughts to light up your articles…

Recently one of my blog viewers sent me a mail requesting some advice to enhance their blog. As a result, for all the readers, I thought to publish this small article that would encapsulate my thoughts to shed a little light on their blogs:) hope that it would help her and the others who were interested in the same…

In my case I use my blog as to publish articles, not as just anything and every thing. In what ever I publish I do take a deep concern in it, because it’s mostly on business domain or in technology.

So keeping that in mind, here are some points that I’ve observed, which we could use when we are writing articles.

First of all before we start writing, examine the purpose, or the objective of writing the article. In simple terms, ask your self what exactly you want to convey.

Then decide on the targeted audience. For example, if the article is much to do with the business try eliminating the too much technical explanations, because it might lose the interest of readers or it could make the reader dreary. In some instances, if you expect some level of technical understanding from the reader in order for him to read your article, make sure to mention it in a very pleasant way.

Then think of an appropriate approach for presenting your idea. This should also be well balanced with the topic as well as the audience. Following are some of those commonly used approaches.
- Convey direct idea: this is good when explaining theories. With are strait forward or technical.
- Explanation with a story: this is also a good approach when the idea is too complex for a general person to understand. And further we need them to walk through it. There for stories are effective in this sense. Anyway, every one loves stories I guess:)
- Use a work flow: this is a combination of above both. Where the idea could be so lengthy in explanations and we need to explain every little part in it. In this case, try to break it in to pieces, arrange them and explain each separately with out breaking the links to one another.

After selecting the approach we should structure the article with concern. It should be seen as three separate parts, begin, body and end. Beginning could be a question, or a solution to a problem or an exciting topic, where the attention of the reader is captured. The body need to be presented in detail and with facts where it will be solid and crisp with appropriate information and the end can picture with either the conclusions or suggestions….or an open thought.

Writing an article is as same as giving a GIFT to a friend. Even if the gift is of value if the wrapper is messy or unappealing it would not serve your purpose. This is same vice versa. There fore take a little concern and a bit of attempt not only to convey your idea, but also to convey in an inspiring manner.

All the best to you all and enjoy writing...!!!


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