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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Software Development – Time Matters

As most of us are developers which mostly deal with coding or some times in design, we tend to work on tough targets where we strive to win the battle with the knowledge, time and the perfection or the completion of the product. Question is how we approach this? Ofcourse need not to mention that one should ofcourse have the high focuss and clear mind and very good visualisation.

After doing a brief survey from most of the Software Experts I learnt that, one such approach they take is to focus on the skeleton first. Let me explain a bit more on this. In this approach we see the main functionalities as the outline of work. Try to focus on them and get the working product. Then focus on the details, for example enhancements and find out efficient ways of solving the problem.

If we have a complex work; what will we do? Basically we will devide it to smaller parts. Work on the small units or parts and get it working. In coding, there are two points which spots on. One is the Technical Approach and the other is the Logical Approach taken in solving a problem.

Let’s look at this a bit deep. There you will face some technical challengers. At the time we face technical concerns there is always web for reference. Or simply we can post questions or search the web, where others have posted same or similar problems. We can carefully go through them and find out where exactly our problem fits. Once you get keen on this, you will feel as if u are like a detective trying to find pieces to solve a plot.

Logic is tricky. Not every one can learn the rocket science….but not to forget that rocket science was invented by the man...Not any one else. So, let’s just start visualising the work flow involved behind and try to model it.

Completion of a given development work with in a time span, is a one major skill of a developer. Of course there are other skills as well, such as working till the completion of the product and the quality of it too matters. But since this article focuses on time concerns…let me leave an open end to this. So feel free to comment…Because I am in the process of developing that special skill. :d.


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