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Monday, June 02, 2008


After attempting for 4 times, I finally passed the exam 70-551. So thought to share some significant areas of interests and where more questions were targeted.

As you know, this exam consists of 3 parts. The order, which part comes first is random and here is a glance on the content. There are questions from all the chapters but here are some highlights of which most questioned are asked.

For Web Application related :

  • Mobile applications
  • Web Parts & Personalization
  • Deploying Tools
  • Custom Controls such as Wizard control, Login Control.

For the Application Foundation related :

  • Compression Techniques
  • Application Security
  • Serialization

For Application Design related :

  • Deploying Applications
  • Testing Applications
  • Design Evaluation

One thing I noticed was that the exam content updates so fast, and it always comprises of latest changes.


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