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Friday, June 08, 2007

Briefing on Installing DotNetNuke 4.x

Thought to share a tiny sereat, since its a bit messy to figure out the process of installing DNN4. Well, its basically same as DotNetNuke 3.x but rather you should have .NET Framework 2.0 already installed as a prerequisite.

First visit the site DotNetNuke and download the latest version of DotNetNuke source. Now, there are two files to download, but select based on your requirements for example if you are developing your own nuke modules, its advisable to install the source, or else go for the general installation.

One significant point about nuke is that; its so easy to mess unless you don't know what to be done. For a simple example, if you unzip the downloaded source to a folder name you desire then you are in trouble. Just extract to the contents to a folder that creates by default in the same driver. Then go to C:\DotNetNuke_4.4.1_Source\Website\Documentation\Readme.txt path and you will find a read me text document; which explains every step to follow. In simple terms it goes as follows.

Now that you have un-zip the folder, and now create a virtual directory in IIS. Now If you open the folder of the contents you will come across with the Website folder, Library folder and the solution file, just point the virtual directory path to the Website folder since it has the project file.

If you already have dnn3 installed; there is nothing to bother since you will be installing this to a completely different folder and we will be mapping to a new database.

Once you create the virtual directory, make default.aspx as the top and make the Dotnet version to 2.0xxx Now go back to your folder and properties and make sure you have given the permission for the Network services user and as well as aspnet user, full control. Now open up Sqlserver 2000 or 2005. and create a database by any name.

once that is done, go back to the folder and rename the release.config to web.config and change the connection string properties. In Nuke version 4.x it the database connection is specified in two places. So it needs to be changed accordingly.

Now open the IE and browse http://localhost/VirtualFolderName and there you go the DotNetNuke4.x will be installed nice and smoothly. 


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