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Thursday, October 20, 2005

When we need to pay attention to detail…

No matter what kind of subject area you are functioning, even in your careers or studies, some times you may have come across that you got to pay attention to detail things most of the time. So, let me share with you some valuable thoughts, on this.

Whether you are reading a material or listening to a documentary or in the middle of a discussion where you need to grasp as much as details possible and re-explain them again or use the gathered information for some purpose. The first thing is we need to have is the attention. Simply, paying attention to detail, but this is not as easy as it sounds. Since, in most cases even if we do pay attention, we tend to lose some parts of the story. Why is this?

When we are listening, try to visualize and represent the details in the mind very clearly. It also should be represented in such a way, that it could be easily manipulated and be flexible enough to relate with other things. And no matter how much detail it is, if your visual representation is strong; then there will always be a place where each detail fit in to.

Especially, if we are facing exams or if you are in the middle of a discussion of a previously discussed topic; we tend to search are represented area of mind very regularly and there fore we become capable of finding answers more quickly. This is because when we search the represented area of mind very regularly and as a result we become fast in searching and obtaining it back. So to search on and on the representation of details in our mind is important. And we may question after discussions or read more and more as to fill the gaps in our visual image. By any of these ways, we should make the visual image stronger.

It is interesting to realize that how much attention you actually pay at times. And compare with times where you have lots of details to work with and times where you feel you are completely lost. And see and excavate how and why…