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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

NetSuite or; what is out there?

NetSuite and are both cloud based CRM solutions. NetSuite is not just a CRM but also an ERP. However, why does out there  in the market so much? I starting wondering about this ever since I started working with both products. In terms of the product features and capabilities I find NetSuite being in front than but it was quite an amazing to note that so many companies moving in to

Could it be the marketing? It kind of reminds me of the Novel vs Microsoft situation though Novel was a technical advanced product, Microsoft captured the market by brining in user friendly easy to use products rather then technical advanced, seeing and NetSuite CRM reminds of a similar marketing atmosphere, but cannot exactly compare Novel-Microsoft scenario as the focus of the product (technology focused or customer focused ) were different at that time.

It is interesting to note that what are the focus areas of these two companies in terms of marketing their products. User Friendly, Ease of use, external API exposure, On call support all these matters and also a good complete product matters too.

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