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Monday, June 12, 2006


Among certain capabilities and habits of some people certain are valuable while others are useless. ...So thought to open up my mind and see some positive points only. These are few things which pin in my mind so thought to make a note on that, on a great friend of mine. And as per my view these could be the key points for his educational and career success.

Writing them with heart felt gratitude…

Teaching what you know … and helping others to be successful in their career and education…and be happy for another’s success…

Over comes tiredness… never ever waste time… takes the maximum use of time. This is some thing I have asked often, “What you would do after work”. And has told me that he often listens to some music just to get over with the tiredness and start off work again, never ever lie in bed…. And never sleep other than the regular sleeping times… the determination of using the time effectively.

In achieving goals…The desire it self of achieving some thing is not enough at all, rather utmost effort is essential. Deep motivation...

Today I thought to add up these points in my life since it will place in value to mine as well. So
thank you dear friend...


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